Studio Time Table 2015 - Subject To Change

      Studio 1                                                               Studio 2
4.00-4.45 Mini/Youth Cheer  
4.45-5.30 Under 12 Cheer (Non Competition)                                 Youth/Mini Jazz
5.30-6.15 Over 12 Cheer (Non Competition)                                  Mini Competition Dance
6.15-7.00 Junior Cheer                                                     Youth Pom
7.00-7.45 Tumbling/Acrobatics                                              Youth Competition Dance


      Studio 1                                                               Studio 2
1.00-2.00                                                                  Mummy and Me
4.00-4.45                                                                  Junior Jazz
4.45-5.30                                                                  Senior Jazz
5.30-6.15 Senior/Open Cheer                                                Junior Competition Dance
6.15-7.00 Partner/Group Stunt Junior                                       Senior/Open Competition Dance
7.00-7.45 Partner/Group Stunt Senior                                       Junior Pom
7.45-8.30                                                                  Senior/Open Pom


      Studio 1                                                               Studio 2
4.00-4.45 Mixed Dance Under 8                                              Under 10 Ballet
4.45-5.30                                                                  Over 10 Ballet
5.30-6.15                                                                  Tap
6.15-7.00 Conditioning/Leaps&Turns
7.00-7.45                                                                  Hip Hop


Please be aware that Cheerleading Competitive teams have additional competition entry fees and uniform costs that are not included in your standard term fees. Note: Solos and or Duos are available to selected students who show a high level of Technique and Performance quality. Most competitions are held in Logan, Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

Tuition Fees

Fees are charged per school term regardless of the number of weeks in the term. (Avg 10 weeks) and will be invoiced at the beginning of the term.  All fees will need to be paid in full by the end of the second week or a late fee of $25 may apply. Payment of fees by the due date will assist in our goal to keep all fees affordable as possible.  Bank details will appear on the bottom of your invoice.

Studio Enrolment and Insurance Fee  $45 per pupil


Grooming plays an important part in the overall dance experience. We encourage correct grooming for our students from the beginning of their training. Dance is a discipline and a uniform is essential for helping students to take pride in their appearance and to feel part of a team.

The Uniform allows the Teacher to see that a student is dancing correctly and safely and ensures correct body placement and use of muscles. Students are expected to come to class wearing correct uniform with hair tied up or in a bun, covered by a hair net and with a  Cheerbow.                                                                                                                    

No jewellery or watches are to be worn.

Appropriate shoes must be worn to class at all times and shoes are to be clean. (Please do not wear dance shoes outside). After a maximum of three weeks, uniforms must be worn to every lesson with the correct footwear.

All Dance & Cheerleading uniforms are available from The Studio and are made to order